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Water shortage being a national crisis for most nations, how about re-using lightly contaminated the water for non-potable applications. An average household consumes nearly 300 gallons of fresh water per day, of which 37% account to showers and washing machine and 24% to toilets.

Greywater, lightly contaminated wastewater from bathtub, shower and washing machine, can be processed through Hydraloop system and use it for non-potable needs - toilets, garden irrigation, and building foundation during summers.

When you include several neighborhoods in a city, it adds up to millions of gallons that could be re-used, lessening the burden on city water supplies. Because Hydraloop is NSF 350 certified, some cites/states may allow the processed water for washing machine and pool top off.

Residential & Commercial units

Hydraloop water treatment does not include any harsh chemicals, unlike the traditional methods, making it a unique, environment friendly technology product. In absence of chemicals and filters, there is no on-going materials cost. Hydraloop has a self-cleaning cycle that can be monitored via an app, and allows for remote diagnostics.

Hydraloop cascade for large buildings

For large commercial buildings such as hospitality, senior living and dormitories, which consume thousands of gallons of water, the payback on Hydraloop investment is much quicker. Where the water costs are high, the payback period goes down further.

Currently available commercial models H300 & H600 can be cascaded to meet the large buildings need to process several thousand gallons each day.