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ZS2 SIP panels are a mix of chemistry and sustainability-driven Innovation, which helped modularize exterior construction. Magnesium based cement board is highly fire resistant, mold proof, bacteria/pest resistant,

and offers high strength with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

With ZS2 panels, a typical construction can realize multiple benefits: a) approx. 80% reduction in transportation cost, b) 55% faster on-site build time compared to stick frame construction, c) 3X more strength than the traditional stick frame construction, d) 1-hour fire rating standard with zero flame spread, e) mold & bacteria resistant, and f) Zs2 panel are rated to withstand up to 208km/h wind loads.

Easy packing for transport

Easy packing for transport

A mixed-use facility

A mixed-use facility

ZS2 small foot print in transportation and storage helps the builders plan and execute construction at a faster pace.

Whether it is commercial or residential, ZS2 helps design and meet the building structural requirements.

ZS2 offers high performance panels used in walls, roofs and floors for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Custom designed for any project. They are extremely strong, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and allow a sustainable building system.

ZS2 stacks up better than the existent market on multiple factors in sustainability. In view of modern challenges of fire & water damage, ZS2 panels offer superior performance.

ZS2 SIP panels are designed to suppress fire spread and are rated to last a min 30 min or longer. They are inherently water resistant, bacteria/mold resistant, while providing the strongest impact strength and structural integrity.

Watch ZS2 demo here

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