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We work differently depending on what your interest are in working with us. We have interests and expertise in the Wireless Communication Systems, Broadband Wireless Services, Home Automation and Control, Security, Secured Room Enclosures, Streaming Media and High End Home Theater.

As a Reseller

For more than 20 years, we have been providing products and solutions on behalf of some of the finest brands in the consumer electronics industry. Our Santa Fe location offers multiple showrooms to properly demonstrate your companies product line. If you are looking for additional representation in the State of NM, please give us a call.

As a Sub Contractor

Santa Fe is very popular as a second and often times 3rd or 4th home for many people and many times they have a pre-existing relationship with a systems integrator they have come to prefer. We can be your local market technical resource for those clients who want to use your existing contractor, but need the services of a local contractor for aspects of the project.

As a General Contractor

This is our sweet spot, we thrive when we are able to provide our clients from start to finish the best of what we have to offer. Whether you are new to Santa Fe or looking for a One-Stop Shop for all your technology needs whether local or somewhere around the world, look no further than A Sound Look.

As a Consultant

From time to time, clients just need us to provide a small aspect of what we do or if you are a new manufacturer looking to better understand the market, we can provide you with a range of services from market assessment, forecast demand, application viability and business development.

As a Joint Venture Partner

Sometimes exciting opportunities present themselves that fit our areas of interests and capabilities. After 20+ years, we've been able to look at certain projects from the perspective of actually participating beyond the above relationships and have entered into Strategic relationships to partner with other firms looking to leverage our knowledge and network. The following are two such areas.

Streaming TV Platform
A Sound Look has entered into a definitive agreement as a licensee of Quiptel LTD based in Shenzhen China and London England to provide a Streaming TV service to a joint venture project in Manila. The market for OTT TV services is exploding and A Sound Look in partnership with Global Solutions Services based in the Philippines is entering the market to provide a Streaming TV and Home Control package of services.

High Density WiFi Communications
As the market for IoT and all things being connected continues to explode, A Sound Look has entered into a Joint Venture with an Australian firm to provide Metro-wide WiFi communication services. This joint venture has allowed A Sound Look to leverage our expertise in WiFi communications to broaden its appeal by offering additional services that run on top of this solution. For more information, please email, lpascual@asoundlook.com