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Smartflower solar is a fully integrated, all-in-one solar system that can live anywhere. It is esthetically pleasing while providing sustainable power anywhere in the world. Its stand-alone feature makes it flexible for off-the-grid use, or enable a remote charging station. It is a pre-packaged solution and delivered all in one piece for installation, and it can be moved to any place.

The Smartflower modular panels autonomously follow the sun so they are optimal angle, generating 40% more energy than traditional solar system. Smartflower is weatherproof and continuously monitors wind speeds, automatically folding itself into a secure position to prevent system damage. The systems' solar modules are self-ventilated, which keeps the surface cooler to deliver more output than roof-mounted solar. Smartflower automatically cleans itself every time it folds and unfolds, making it deliver consistent output.

The integrated control enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting, works through a phone app, and provides live data for maintenance and other updates.

Smartflower offers best warranty in the market:
a) 25 years on the panel construction and performance, b) 10 years on the inverter, charge system, and LiPo batteries, c) 5 years on the rotating head, d) 2 years on controls and motors, and finally, fast warranty response and white glove service.

The Smartflower can be used in many creative ways outside of generating energy.
•Use it to power events!
•Make it an interactive statement!
•A marketing tool for sustainable energy!

Please contact us for further exploration of your needs.