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Swiftlane- Swiftlane.com


Swiftlane is a secure, touchless access control and video intercom system designed to provide high security, safety, and convenience using face recognition, mobile credentials, and visitor management solutions.

Swiftlane provides simple, scalable solutions for every building and workplace. With Swiftlane, simply walk up to a door and it unlocks using just your face or mobile phone. Swiftlane's cloud-based system combines cutting-edge access control technology and two-way video
intercom system into one simple system. The easy-to-use cloud dashboard allows admins to monitor visitors, employees, and deliveries remotely from anywhere.

Swiftlane's integrated video intercom system empowers property managers, building owners, and office teams to secure buildings and simplify visitor management by offering:

Two-way audio and video intercom calling

Access control built in

Pick up calls from your phone or browser

Release door lock remotely from mobile app

Works for single office, multi-tenant commercial, and residential buildings

Centrally manage multiple doors and buildings

Sleek, beautifully designed hardware that elevates the aesthetic in any building

To help enable a safe reopening for schools and businesses during COVID-19, Swiftlane Health Check provides comprehensive tools including privacy first temp checks that can be done from home, staggered schedules for social distancing, capacity and density planning, and PPE allocation and inventory management. Swiftlane offers custom solutions for every industry including commercial real estate, offices, manufacturing, and health care.