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5 Questions to Answer Before Buying Hi-Fi Speakers

After the dust has settled on the rest of your smart home installations, there’s probably still a spot left in your heart for something that really makes your home pop, your 4K home theater content sing, and your vinyl and hi-fi audio really...

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How Smart Shades Can Brighten Your Life

It’s time to stop living in the dark.   Indoor dwellings have long given us the power to control how light enters our lives. And now, with the advent of smart shades, homeowners have more control over their shading and lighting than...

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4 Benefits of a Smart Home Remote

After a long day of working, chasing the kids around, cooking meals, and doing laundry, wouldn’t it be nice if just ONE thing in life was simple?  When you are finally sitting down on the couch for your few precious moments of relaxation...

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